A downloadable game for Windows

You are a builder who want to dream. You're tired of not dreaming. So you decided to count sheeps, A lot of sheeps to sleep and dream !

Break a maximum of red brick blocks to see sheeps and count them !

There are a infinite number of levels ! Break all the red brick blocks to finish a level ! You have 20 seconds to finish each of them !

There  are many blocks which are unlocked as the game progesses :

  1. Orange Brick blocks -> You can break them they do nothing
  2. Red Brick blocks -> Makes you count 1 sheep
  3. Yellow Brick blocks -> Makes you count 2 sheeps
  4. Blue Brick blocks -> Tangle your memory. Count 5 sheeps minus

Controls :

  • Just break blocks by left clicking them that's all !

That's a very experimental game with not much content. But to be honest I made it in less than 2 days ! There will be updates in the future !

Install instructions

The game is inside the .rar file ! Run  "Brick, That Dream.exe" to launch the game !


Brick, That Dream.rar 2 MB